Pop-up Cards of Journey.



The September 2014 issue of Animage Magazine came with an extra long pin-up of Shuuya Kano from Mekakucity Actors (メカクシティアクターズ), illustrated by animation director Takumi Yokota (横田拓己). 



August 14th & 15th !!!!

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interesting~ i’ve never see this chain thinger in textpost form. usually asks.
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  1. i still bite my nails i am a child i need nailpolish to stop myself
  2. people keep letting me name the electronics in teh house and i don’t know why ‘cause they’re all literally Terawr, Rawrface, Rawrinator, Potato, WeeDee, Omnomnomn-san, YourFace… orz
  3. back when i used to take piano lessons when i was uhhh 8 or 9 i guess, i told my teacher that i had “like, a million beanie babies” and she didn’t believe me, so every single lesson, i’d bring in a new one and waste at least 5 minutes of lesson time introducing her to my beanie baby and setting it up so that it could watch me during the lesson. i think we got to ‘round 70 before i quit
  4. i brought my house slippers with me to japan and my host mama thought that was hilarious
  5. i’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to think of a 5th fact and can’t come up with anything :U…

tagging other people: i cheat and don’t really do the thing hehehe
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tomorrow is august 15 i hope i dont spill my soda on my keyboard and then have to venture into the real world to go buy another keyboard and then i suddenly get caught up in a terrorist attack and then i meet some weird group of people with weird powers that help me stop the attack and then go to an amusement park with those said people and meet some guy who shoots all of us and then suddenly i wake up in my room again


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what does it mean


oh my god press ‘shift’ and then ‘?’