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I’m an ISTJ, the Inspector.

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Mekakucity Actors (メカクシティアクターズ) trio Kano, Kido and Seto featured on a new Animage Magazine (10/2014) poster illustrated by key animator Takumi Yokota (横田拓己).


a homage to rawrbox's graphics settings

floating omnipotent mask with a halo peering at you from over a fire
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For everyone I’ve seen lately saying “I want a show with _____.” I just thought you should know that there’s a show out there that’s probably already done it.

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Pardon my ignorance, but who is Stephen Harper? What did he do?




Be sure to check out that link at the end, because you’ll see such gems as Stephen Harper replacing all the photos and paintings of former Prime Ministers in the parliament lobby with photos of himself, and renaming the government after himself.

those two facts (the paintings and renaming everything so it says “harper government) are my FAV CAUSE DON’T THEY SOUND ODDLY AKIN TO SOMETHING A DICTATOR WOULD DO. 


Reblogging this because I just remembered reading something yesterday that also infuriated me regarding Harper.

He cut the census, to ‘save money’ which is bull so instead, he’s rolling out a new plan to have the doctors in Toronto (just Ontario because it’s a ‘new’ plan) hospitals ask intrusive, invasive questions to make up for the lack of a census.

The large-scale demographic data collection appears to be a first in Canadian hospitals, calling on patients to reveal whether they were born in Canada and what language they prefer to speak. Whether they have a mental illness or abuse alcohol and drugs. Whether they’re heterosexual, gay or consider themselves “two-spirit.” Whether they make less than $30,000 or more than $150,000, or somewhere in-between.”

These invasive questions are unveiled at the following hospitals.

 ”Toronto Public Health and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. ”

Because that’s what someone who’s going to a hospital needs to be forced to answer, what’s your sexual orientation and how much cash do you have in the back (awesome ideas for people going to a Centre for addiction and mental health)

They’re saying it’s “voluntary” but then you have various complaints such as this one:


He’s the Prime Minister (the equivalent of the President of the USA) of Canada. He’s been in power 8 years now.

He’s one the worst politicians that Canada has ever produced.

He blindly supports everything israel does (which is why he’s been nominated for a noble peace prize by a pro-israel group). He even actively blocked a request to treat Palestinian kids who were injured or dying in Canadian hospitals (the Ontario government and Toronto Hospitals all agreed to help).

He made Canada leave the Kyoto protocol; the only country in the world to do so.

Also under Harper’s control, environmental regulations have been slashed and the entire government’s focus seems to be on promoting the oil sands in Alberta; AKA one of the most energy and water intensive methods of oil extraction plus it is poisoning the environment and water supplies locally.

He doesn’t care about aboriginal rights in this country. He’s declined to do anything concrete about the epidemic of aboriginal women who continue to go missing or murdered in this country.

He is anti-science and muzzles government scientists from talking about their work. Most of this work is environmental in nature or related to climate change. The government has also been radically changing the National Research Council; now it only focuses on profitable science; no longer is basic research considered. Oh yeah and they defunded several world famous environmental research facilities in Canada.

The government is the only one in the entire british commonwealth’s history to be found to be in ‘contempt of parliament’. It has never happened anywhere in any of the former british colonies until Stephen Harper prorogued parliament to save face.

He’s been involved in numerous major scandals; including cheating during elections, allegations of robocalls to mislead voters and paying off canadian senators in a secret cover up.

I can’t even list all the terrible things he’s done, but here is a quick list of just what I could think of off the top of my head.

Here’s some more info on why Stephen Harper is bad news for Canada:

Why Not Harper?

One of Dr. Vincent’s patients has expressed displeasure. Sergio Pinho filled out the questionnaire on behalf of his mother, who speaks Portuguese and was having knee surgery at St. Joseph’s in April. His mother was uncomfortable with the personal questions. But when Mr. Pinho queried the hospital clerk, he said he was told to fill out the form. He left a voicemail of complaint with the hospital, but said he never heard back.

“I felt obligated to answer every question,” Mr. Pinho recalled. “I felt that she wasn’t going to be attended [to] if she didn’t answer the questions.”  (x)


17 year old Taichi and Agumon’s silhouette.