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17 Apr 2014
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anime openings/endings:
✽ Wareta Ringo (Sliced Apple), Shinsekai Yori

starting back up my attempt at 1 text post a week at least ok

in elementary back in bumpkinville we did creative writing not-essays, and one of them was about pirates. but after i’d handed mine in, i got called to stay after class and talk about it.
he asked me how i got my idea, and how long it took me to write, and how did i come up with the colour of the ship was the most stressed question.

i threw my pencil crayons on the ground and chose the colour i wanted the boat to be and described it how the pencil crayon labelled it.
i got accused of plagiarism because i knew what colour mahogony was

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17 Apr 2014
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WHY ISN’T IT TAGGED, WHYYYYY. I shall feex eet.

This is from “A Gathering of Cats” by Makoto Shinkai. It’s a one-minute short, and you can watch the whole thing here.

Truest shit I’ve seen since Chi’s Sweet Home, y’all. Truest shit.

15 Apr 2014
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goodbye six hours of my life

13 Apr 2014
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please dont leave me alone with photoshop

13 Apr 2014
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12 Apr 2014
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オープニングムービーact 01 SP Ver. (HD)

12 Apr 2014
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ok i think i have returned to tumblr!!
just in time for mekaku
if you’re reading this, you should check out mekakucity actors
and if you care about things, you should probably blacklist that tag

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07 Apr 2014
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and no matter what I try the colours won’t collide
painting on a canvas of the scars I tried to hide